Welcome To Reigate’s Luxury Hairdressing Boutique Professional………Luxurious……….Unique

Zxaar is an award winning luxurious and intimate Boutique Hair Enhancements salon, with A VIP experience that offers only the best in hair extensions and products. Zxaar boasts luxury and 'home like' furniture and accessories, making it a haven for any woman.

Zxaar is renowned for it's expert knowledge and 7 years of experience in Hair Extensions, Zxaar uses Great Lengths UK And Gold Fever Hair. Zxaar believe that Hair Extensions can solve any hair dilemma from thickness, colour or lengthening with expert colour matching and strategic placement of bonds, giving any client the hair they have always dreamed of. Whatever the reason for your choosing hair extensions Zxaar truly believes you would not be disappointed and with an aftercare service that is second to none, you will always look salon ready.

Zxaar has won Wedding Hairdresser for Reigate & Surrey 2014 and been lucky enough to have become personal extensionist and colourist to Betsy-Blue English from the band Only The Young, who preformed at the 'Summer Time Ball' June 2014 and were runner up in Xfactor 2014.


Let Me Take You Beyond Your Expectations And Give You More Than Just Stunning Hair
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Welcome To Reigate's Luxury Hairdressing Boutique Professional………Luxurious……….Unique

OUR TRUE PHILOSOPHY #GOLDFEVERHAIR Gold Fever Hair Extensions are brought to you by the latest generation of the Gold family. Pioneering in the Hair Industry has thus resumed! Our Exclusive sourcing, our knowledge of processing & our new technology once again enable us to provide the finest quality hair extensions in the world and resume our tradition of a lifelong commitment to excellence. Gold Fever Hair Extensions exclusively use Indian Ritual Hair that is 100% Ethical & Traceable. We personally oversee what we buy and how it is processed in our new bespoke facilities thus ensuring that only the highest quality product is brought to market.

Gold Fever Ethicality Promise
Genuine Indian Ritual Hair has become the most expensive on the market and is absolutely Traceable. Gold Fever because of its long standing reputation and credibility in the industry has access to supplies of Indian Ritual Hair throughout India which is the only hair Gold Fever utilises. This coupled with generations of expertise and pioneering in advanced hair processing methods permits us, as you will see, to offer you the best hair available worldwide and of unquestionable ethical origin.

Thick & Luxurious
Gold Fever Hair strands are thick and luxurious, all the way down, and without the "stringy" ends regularly encountered in today's market place. "Stringy" ends in a strand occur when the individual hairs that make up that strand are of noticeably different lengths. The word "Taper" defines the difference between the shortest and the longest hair in an individual strand. The greater the taper the less expensive is the raw material at source since large quantities of short hair would be present. The greater the amount of short hairs in a strand the more hair strands that would be needed to achieve volume at the ends. Gold Fever removes these short hairs in order to permit fabulous and luxurious volume at the ends and with less strands having to be purchased in order to achieve this.

Double Drawn
Double drawn hair refers to hair that has undergone a procedure in order to remove the short regrowth hair referred to above. The individual hairs in double drawn hair are substantially of the same length. It stands to reason that, since raw hair is sold by weight and length, double drawn hair is substantially more expensive and valuable than single drawn hair which, as mentioned, contains large quantities of short hair. Larger quantities of raw hair need to be purchased in order to achieve significant quantities of long and even length double drawn hair. This hair is much more suitable for the creation of a quality hair extension application in so far as it permits the desired volume in the scalp area and at the same time achieving the desired fullness at the ends. This minimises the amount of strands required and also results in a much more comfortable experience for the wearer.

The ground breaking osmosis process, perfected by her brother David in 1991 and which avoided the traditional bleaching of dark hair and the damage it caused was revisited and brought up to date by Katie Jane into new modern formulations now incorporating enzymes and environmentally friendly products. The same applies to the coloration process. Suppliers from the early days and who remembered Katie and her family were thrilled at the opportunity to offer updated and much more eco-friendly and organic chemicals to Katie's new venture, on an exclusive basis, happy to be part of the revival of such an important heritage.

Eco Friendly & Organic Hair treatment
The world of chemicals has changed significantly towards eco-friendly and organic products and Katie was quick to recognise just how much more effective and gentle they were on the hair. This also happily resonated with her passion towards respecting our environment. The result is a quality of hair far superior to anything Katie Jane and her family, with all their experience in the hair industry, have ever encountered.

Gold Fever Genuine Remis Hair
This hair is called Remis which is in fact a French word derived from "remettre en ordre" which means "to sort out". In the hair industry remis hair should imply that all the hair is healthy, with its cuticle intact and all cuticle facing in the same direction just as hair grows on a person's head. The fact that the hair is all facing in the same direction is vital in the avoidance of tangling and matting since cuticles facing in opposite direction to one another would act very much as Velcro and thus get caught on one another.

Mother Nature intended the hair to have cuticle since it locks in the right amount of humidity, strengthens the hair and protects it from adverse environmental conditions. Healthy hair with its cuticle intact will have an attractive natural sheen to it. The cuticle layer of the hair is primarily where the colour molecules are present and thus this quality of hair will be extremely more resistant to colour fading than hair without cuticle. The healthier the cuticle the more the hair will hold a curl or a perm and the less likely it is to dry out after chemical procedures or exposure to the elements.

Our exclusive new cutting edge technology proudly permits us to present Gold Fever Protein Tips™

Blend Your Own Colours – Gold Fever's new Protein Tips permit me to blend your own colours as never before possible. Just like I would overlay 2 or 3 colours in the colour ring to define the colour needed to give you the look you want, because of Gold Fever's symmetrical bonds and special Protein flow properties, overlay 2 or even 3 expertly cut micro bonds to achieve the desired colour strand.
Eliminate the unnatural stripy effect of alternated strands of different colours as is necessary with strands from other companies and produce bespoke much more natural looking individual strands that have a more subtle colour and produce a less dramatic stripy effect. Thanks to our special symmetrical Protein Tips Gold Fever's colour ring becomes a palette of basic colours that can turn into a limitless variety of bespoke subtle colours.

The superior quality that you will experience in the hair we supply called for something really new and versatile in the way the strands are applied. An immense amount of research and development resulted in these very different Protein Tips™ designed for Zxaar to make application safer, more secure, quicker and far more versatile.

Gold Fever Protein Tips™ are perfectly symmetrical on both sides of the strand, permitting not only vertical but substantial horizontal trimming of the tip, when needed for strand application into a particularly thinning area, like never before, and without the risk of shedding so often encountered with other brands.

This allows the safe creation of bespoke strands for application by Zxaar in any particular area and again prevents the shedding of hair so prevalent in extensions of other brands.

Asymmetrical bonds do not offer this flexibility and optimal finished result since, when cut down to what would have been the ideally required size and then applied to the clients head, hair shedding would become inevitable due to a lack of bonding agent on one side of the horizontally cut down strand.

NON SYMMETRICAL BONDS The most commonly prevalent on the market today and with all the limitations to a perfect application as explained above. If trimmed horizontally to obtain a small bond shedding becomes inevitable.
SYMMETRICAL PROTEIN™ TIPS Protein Tips™ will permit far greater horizontal trimming, resulting in much smaller bonds and allowing far greater creativity whilst, at the same time, avoiding shedding.
Gold Fever Protein Tips™ actually protect the you're own hair, permitting it to grow healthily throughout the duration of the hair extension cycle. This is due to the increased amount of hair per strand, all the way down to the ends, and the enveloping and protecting effect that our protein tip will have once applied by Zxaar Hair Enhancements, which is an accredited Gold Fever salon.

Gold Fever Protein Tips™, due to protein enhanced flowing and malleability properties, are quicker to apply, thus saving precious time for you in the application stage.

Gold Fever Protein Tips™ mimic much more closely, due to this new advanced protein formula, the molecular structure of natural human hair. Therefore they will gently expand and contract in accordance with the like behavior of human hair, when it is wet or dry, ensuring a safe, natural and harmless application. The removal of the Gold Fever Protein tipped strands is also extremely gentle to you're own natural hair due to this new advanced protein formula.

Gold Fever Protein Tips™ are fabulously comfortable for the wearer. No more jagged coarse bonds that snag on fingers running through the hair but a smooth finish with a great feel.

Gold Fever Protein Tips™ permit Zxaar cut and shape the tip without it opening up and losing hair in the process. Again yet another reason why shedding is so prevalent in hair strands of other brands and which Gold Fever Protein Tips™ avoid.

Gold Fever Protein Tips™ have an incredibly smooth flow. They permit easy blending together of your customised tips into one bespoke strand, now of different colours, reflecting your creativity in an application where subtle highlights/lowlights/hues are required. Given this added versatility the creative possibilities are now endless for you.

Gold Fever Protein Tips™ safely and securely hold more hair in the strand than commonly available strands on the market.


Hi, I'm Great Lengths, and if you want to know about fantastic hair extensions, you've come to the right place.

So, let's get comfortable and I can tell you why I'm the best in the world.............

Trusted? Yes. Reputable? That too, which is what makes me so great. I understand the concerns about where real hair comes from, which is why I promise that my hair is 100% human, sourced ethically and totally traceable.

Innovative? Yes. I stay on top of what's new so I can deliver your dream hairstyle, using cutting edge technology, to make you look a million dollars. With me the possibilities are endless, it's not just about making hair longer but thicker and adding amazing colour too! I can transform the way you look in an instant. Your hair is my number 1 priority which is why I can give you all the support and aftercare you need to keep you new style immaculate.

Great Lengths are loved by women and men all over the world from London to LA, New York to Dubi. Travelling all over the globe looking at the latest trends and celebrities, such as Cameron Diaz, Lydia Bright, Jorgie Porter, Liz Hurley, Cheryl Cole and that's just to name a few.

By day I'm chic and sophisticated, by night I'm glamorous, out to impress and turn heads.

So that's a little about me. Who Am I?........ I am Great Lengths Leading the world in hair extensions.

To see some of our work click here



From short & spiky, to dramatic stunning locks. Amazing transformations are within your grasp. Explore your creative side and discover a whole new you.


Choose your perfect length from our range And bring the look of your dreams to life For any occasion. Undetectable extensions providing you with the glamour you deserve.


Whatever your mood, Great Lengths hsas the texture for your personality. Straight and subtle or wavy and dramatic, your imagination is our inspiration.


Good extensions shouldn’t be noticeable but you won’t escape the attention caused by your new lustrous locks. Our 100% ethically soured hair provides you with the volume and thickness you have always wanted.


Great Lengths hair gives you an infinite spectrum of possibilities with our range Of 55 colours, all of which can be blended to create your own unique look. And with 17 colours in blonde palette plus pastel, neon and jewel shades, the opportunities are endless. Our Flowstrands combine 2 colours for that dip-dye effect. For special effects and extra glamour, try Great Lengths exclusive Swarvoski Crystal Diamond Threads.


Great Lengths gives you more freedom to discover the style that is perfect for you. During your free consultation Steph will guide you through the development of your new look – one that suits your unique features and lifestyle.



Bonded extensions will damage my hair

False, some types of bonds, (glue, braided), can cause breakages in the hair, but our specially formulated Great Lengths cold keratin fusion bonds have been designed to be kind to your locks. The bond itself wraps around the strand of hair, adding no additional pressure and avoiding any strain or snagging on the root.


They cost too much to make them worthwhile

False There’s nothing worse than dry, matted extensions that look like a very separate entity to your natural hair. By investing in Great Lengths, you can enjoy months of gorgeous, blended locks, tailor made to your hair type and style. Lasting up to 6 months, they erase the need to constantly remove and reapply wefts of hair on a daily basis leaving you more time to enjoy styling your new locks! If you are looking for our Great Lengths quality but on a short term basis, why not try our semi-permanent tape applied Fastrack service?


The bonds can be easily seen

False Unlike clip ins which can be visible in windy conditions, or when wearing your hair up, our bonds are discreet and can even be customised for very fine or shorter hair. Steph is specially trained in how to seamlessly blend Great Lengths extensions into your natural hair so the colour and texture is perfectly matched.


It’s difficult to maintain them

False Zxaar Creative Hair Design staff are fully trained to provide comprehensive aftercare advice, And an aftercare pack is given to each client having Great Lengths, making sure you have the tools to make your extensions last and stay in good condition for up to 6 months. If you find you’re struggling with the upkeep of your locks, book yourself in for a maintenance appointment where Steph can check up on the bonds for you.

Get more info on Diamond Threads


Calling All Glamorous Ladies
Do You Want Something Different....Something That Makes You Sparkle, then Diamond Threads Are For You!!
Zxaar Creative Hair Design is pleased to offer, Great Lengths Diamond Threads. A quick and easy application of glitz and glamour with commitment free stunning Hair Diamond strands.
A Hair Diamond strand is bonded into your hair which adds a subtle sparkle - an instant lift to glam up your hair for a special event or even for dull winter days and the perfect accompaniment for a stylish party dress.
Diamond Threads made with CRYSTALLIZE - Swarovski elements that are bonded in the hair using the Great Lengths polymer bonds.
The hair diamond strands last between 3-5 months and can be removed at any time.
Diamond Threads are available in over 60 different colours for the stones and on 5 colour thread options. 15 minutes for this beautifying transformation, you get to experience instant glamour without the wait.


Daily Moisture Shampoo 250ml

A daily use shampoo for slightly dry ends and oily scalps. Enriched with GSP-T which protects against free radicals, AQUARICH that is supplies valuable regenerative substances, Giving your hair volume & shine & ALOE VERA which restores Moisture & gives your hair silkiness & manageability.

Colour Reflex Shampoo  250ml

A colour protecting & moisture enriching shampoo for colour Treated hair. AMINO ACIDS make the hair silky, reducing Tangles & static and SOLAMER GR8 which prevents the destruction & bleaching of colours.


Conditioner 60 Sec  250ml

An ideal conditioner for dry, stressed & damaged hair. In only 60 seconds, your hair is repaired and stays treated For 60 hours. Enriched with AQUARICH for valuable Regenerative substances, ALOE VERA that restores moisture And JOJOBA OIL which supplies your hair with deep conditioning That protects against dehydration.

Protector – Instant Care Spray   250ml

Suitable for all hair types, this spray reduces tangles, Immediately making your hair manageable. Idea as a quick Fix,especially for coloured hair as it stays in the hair. Helps to reinforce curls & waves.


Pearl Gloss Styler   150ml

Ideal for all hair types and effective for creative styling Techniques: modelling, separating & accentuating each Strand. Even hours after application, the hair stays wonderfully Manageable.

Super Shine Spray   50ml

This wonderfully spray is for refining the finished style! Taming frizz and smoothing locks to create texture with Unbeatable style

Soft Finish Spray   75ml

This finishing spray is exactly what you need to give your Styling that natural and vibrant look. The secret lies in It’s perfect mixture of high quality polymers, which gives Your hair volume and strength.


Hair Mask   200ml

A rich intensive conditioner for very dry, brittle, stressed &Unmanageable hair. The main active ingredient is PRO-KERATIN Which will rebuild the structure of your hair. GSP-T gives Additional protection against free radicals. PRO-VITAMIN B5 Ensures a healthy moisture balance in your hair & scalp.

Anti Tap Water   250ml

This really is the ultimate finish for all hair treatments – especially After colouring & removal of extensions. Adds moisture by Eliminating the damaging effects of alkalinity.

Serum Hair Fluid   50ml

Suitable for all hair type, this serum leaves your hair feeling Great and will excite you with its magical shine effect. TIGER NUT OIL provides natural protection against free radicals, Leaving your locks soft, easy tomanage and shimmering.


GreatWave Great

Wave brushes featuring wave shaped nylon Bristles charged with ionic mineral, GreatWave brushes Are available in three sizes. Medium Oval brush This medium size brush is suitable for styling and blow-drying And is kind to scalp and extension bonds.


Looking after your hair extensions is easy – however to maintain and provide the longest lasting and optimum results your salon will provide you with information and also a maintenance check. Some basic steps to follow are listed below:

Washing your hair

Do not shampoo your hair for at least 48 hours after your extensions have been applied to allow the bond to set
Always use Great Lengths aftercare products as these have been specifically designed to prolong the life and appearance of your hair extensions Always follow thedirections on the bottle
Shampoo and condition your hair at least once a week
Finish by rinsing your hair in diluted Anti Tap Water to restore your hairs pH value

Drying your hair

Always dry your hair thoroughly, starting at the bond, as it is at its most vulnerable when wet
Do not towel dry the hair with a scrubbing motion. Instead, use a blotting motion and wrap the hair in a towel to remove excess moisture
Always blow dry your hair on a cool/warm temperature


Great Lengths flat headed,soft bristle brushes are the most suitable for brushing your hair
With small sections of hair gently brush from the bonds to the ends of the hair
Do not comb between the scalp and the bond. On a regular basis, separate the bonds with your fingers to prevent matting

Styling and finishing

Styling products such as Pearl Gloss Styler can only be applied to the lengths and ends of your hair and not the bond itself
The Great Lengths round brush can be used for blow drying
Straighteners, tongs and heated rollers can be used, however they must be kept away from the bond area


We recommend you tie your hair in a loose pony tail to prevent tangling while sleeping

Exercise and your lifestyle

Extensions suit most lifestyles, however be mindful in the following circumstances which may affect the lifespan of your bonds, or in fact, cause them to breakdown:
Regular swimming, particularly in sea water and chlorinated water




During your free no obligation consultation, all your questions on hair extensions will be gone through in detail with Steph, but here are some of the questions most frequently asked about Great Lengths hair extensions:
Q: Are Great Lengths 100% human hair extensions suitable for everyone?
A: Great Lengths hair extensions are a cosmetic procedure. They should be applied to healthy hair that must be at least 2 to 3 inches in length to provide comfortable attachments.
Q: Are human hair extensions better, and why?
A: Steph only uses Great Lengths 100% human hair, because it behaves like your own hair. We believe human hair extensions are better because they create a more natural look and effect. This means our extensions can be professionally coloured, permed, tonged, straightened and blow-dried. Our hair extensions will adapt to any busy lifestyle, which enables you to enjoy everyday leisure time activities. There really are no limits to what you can achieve from your Great Lengths hair extensions.
Q: Will hair extensions damage my own hair?
A: Hair extensions are a cosmetic procedure and so, as with any cosmetic procedure, there is some risk of damage to your own hair and scalp, whichever method of application you choose. You should minimise this risk by taking the following steps:


Prices below are a guide and Zxaar would suggest that you book a free no obligation consultation to get a tailored quote to suit you and your dream hairstyle.

Gold Fever Hair

Prices are length and bond amount depended. Gold Fever boasts 9 stocked lengths that can be order before 12am for next day delivery. All prices for Gold Fever are inclusive of application, styling, aftercare and 1 month's maintenance, removal will be an additional cost depending on your package. Zxaar offers a 3 tiered VIP products and maintenance package for a one off fee, should you wish for more info or to add one of these please let us know.

10" Thickening  £150-£245 Half Head  £340-£440   Full Head   From £625
12" Thickening  £155-£256 Half Head  £357-£559   Full Head From £660
14" Thickening  £161-£268 Half Head  £375-£589   Full Head From £696
16" Thickening  £167-£280 Half Head  £393-£619   Full Head From £732
18" Thickening  £186-£316 Half Head  £447-£708   Full Head From £839
20" Thickening  £203-£351 Half Head  £500-£797   Full Head From £945
22" Thickening  £221-£387 Half Head  £553-£886   Full Head From £1,052
24" Thickening  £240-£424 Half Head  £607-£979   Full Head From£1,160
26" Thickening  £260-£462 Half Head  £662-£1,070   Full Head From £1,269

Great Lengths Hair

Prices are length and bond amount depended. Great Lengths offers 5 standard lengths that can be ordered before 3pm for next day delivery. Other lengths are special order and can take up to 2 weeks.  All prices for Great Lengths are inclusive of application, styling, aftercare and 1 month's maintenance, removal will be an additional cost depending on your package.

8"   Thickening £153-£223  Half Head  £294-£437  Full Head  From £508
12" Thickening £173-£266  Half Head  £359-£544  Full Head  From £636
16" Thickening £185-£289  Half Head  £392-£600  Full Head  From £704
18" Thickening £200-£320  Half Head  £440-£681  Full Head  From £800
20" Thickening £217-£353  Half Head  £489-£762  Full Head  From £900

Although Zxaar is a Hair Extensions Salon, you can have your colour and styling done at Zxaar too. As Zxaar is an expert in extensions and a fully qualified hairdresser you can rest a sure that any colouring, cutting or styling will not harm your extensions or own hair.


Balayage / Ombre  From £45
T-Section Hi/Lo Lights £38
Parting Hi/Lo Lights £30
Full Head Foils £65
Half Head Foils £50
Colour Dimensions £75
Full Head Tint £40
Root Tint £30
Full Head Semi Long £35
Full Head Semi Short £30
Colour Correction From £65


Extensions Wash Cut & Blow-Dry £40
Restyle Cut & Blow-Dry (without extensions) £35
Wash Cut & Blow-Dry (without extensions) £30
Wet Cut (without extensions) £20


Extensions Hair-up £45
Gold Fever Blow-Dry £25
Great Lengths Blow-Dry £25
Cloud Nine 'O' Curling £30
Cloud Nine Straightening  £20
Cloud Nine Wand Curling £27

Clip-in Extensions, Extensions Maintenance & Removal.

Zxaar offers luxury 100% human hair clip-in extensions for weddings and one off special occasions. Zxaar can match your hair colour to the extensions and apply and style.

Clip-in Extensions (including application and styling)
£65 plus the cost of the hair.
Monthly Check-Up £25

Reapplying Lost Extensions + Monthly Check-Up £70 per hour, plus the cost of the hair.
Full Head Removal £85
Half Head Removal £65
Thickening Removal £45




  • Debbie Pike – January 2014
    "What a fantastic hairdresser! The service she provides is the best I have ever received. I am a fussy thing when it comes to my hair its something that I actually like about myself. We have all had bad experiences I'm sure and I have been to leading salons and walked away feeling terrible.
    I had a special event at such short notice and decided hair extensions was the way to go, I had been to Rush to ask about having them done and was quoted about £1400 not including aftercare. I searched the web and found Steph, I only had four days till the event, she came over that day colour matched me and fitted my extensions three days later once they arrived. She stayed till 11.30pm to finish them for me.
    she was friendly professional and we had a lovely time chatting which was great as extensions can take a while to put in. A week or so later I was struggling with the extensions, I couldn't manage them and thought I was doing something wrong so didn't want to call Steph. A couple of days later Steph called me to ask how I was getting on and I told her I was having a few problems & everything she suggested I had tried so she arranged to pop over the next day to check them.
    She wasn't happy with the extensions so put a treatment on for FREE and didn't expect a thing for her time! She took a sample of the hair to send of to great lengths for them to analyse and within a week had rung me to let me know the hair was in bad condition a faulty batch (we all know this can happen with any product brought so I wasn't upset) great lengths sent out a new lot of extensions for free which they should to be fair and Steph arranged a day to come and take the others out and replace with the new ones FREE of charge even though great lengths weren't compensating her for her time due to their faulty products. This to me was an outstanding service so when she came to fit the others, I had chosen to have highlights and a Brazilian blow-dry so I could at least give Steph something whilst she was here. My high lights are the best I have ever had and the Brazilian blow dry has left my hair so manageable and soft it is unreal. Her prices are in my opinion more than reasonable for her level of expertise. Thank you so much Steph, you have a life long customer with me and I have and will recommend you to everyone xx"
  • Tracy-Ann Preen – Feb 2014
    "Fantastic service from Steph and so professional. Highly recommended!"
  • Sue Fromson April 2014
    "I have probably been one of Steph's oldest clients and have had many colours through the years as well as using the Great Lengths products and extensions. I would highly recommend her as a professional hairdresser with expert skills in colour and Great Lengths Extensions. She has worked her magic into my hair and has always made me feel afterwards what lovely and beautiful locks I have. Getting compliments from friends and family is always a great testimonial to her expertise. I can say whole heartily for seven years I would never go to another hairdresser, Steph not only gives the personal touch and listens to your needs but she can work wonders to even make me beautiful :) I would recommend Steph if your thinking of having hair extensions as she uses a fantastic quality product but some how she goes that extra mile to make you look beautiful and that's a sign of a great hairdresser, and it makes me feel very confident if I have great hair. Steph is very professional but has a very friendly approach, she will fit around my busy home life schedule and will go the extra bit to fit around me, I've not met any hairdresser whose willing to be so attentive :) She's fab!"
  • Sarah Barker Feb 2014
    "Steph Dobson has been my hairdresser for about 3 years and she's always been fantastic, so when I wanted hair extensions for the first time for my wedding I didn't think twice about going back to Steph. Her extensive knowledge on the product was amazing. In the consultation she went through all the Great Lengths background, from how the hair is treated to the application of the extensions. Once she applied the extensions she showed me how to maintain and style them. I can't believe how natural the hair looked and the colour match was spot on! I will always recommend Steph and Great Lengths."
  • Caroline George June 2014
    "I had my hair done this week by Steph and it was the first time getting Great Lengths Extensions. The product and Steph have given me my confidence back and I feel great! I would definitely recommend to everyone, and anyone that isn't sure about extensions Steph will soon change your mind. I actually think they are great value for the money and the quality is excellent!"
  • Sarah Catlin April 2014
    "'I have been going to Zxaar for over a year now and having my Great Lengths Extensions done and they are the best. Stephanie is an amazing hairdresser and has become as good a friend due to her outstanding service and she is such a lovely person. I have had other hair extensions and Great Lengths and Stephanie are by far the BEST!"
  • Lisa-Marie Mosca May 2014
    "After having a hair extensions disaster with a different brand I desperately searched the net for someone to help me. That's when I found Stephanie and her brilliant website. I explained my predicament and she managed to fit me in the next day to take a look and my very bad extensions! Well 2 days later she had me booked in for a new set of Great Lengths. Great Lengths are a beautiful and wonderful product, I have never had Great Lengths before until I met Stephanie and she was so professional in the application and style, that you would never known I ever had extensions! The quality and even how light a full head is incredible. Stephanie is a credit to Great Lengths and may her hard work and passion continue."
  • Mel Taylor June 2014
    "I had my hair done by Steph today and I love it! Steph is amazing at what she does. If you want the salon experience but with a personal touch this is the place for you!"
  • Sarah Davis April 2014
    "Steph just did my hair for the first time and its lovely! It's been so long since I've felt happy with my hair and I'm relieved to have finally found a hairdresser who listens and gives a wonderful personal service. If you live around Reigate choose Zxaar Creative Hair Design, you won't be disappointed!"
  • Debi Kennedy March 2014
    "Steph has a passion for her work you can't help but get excited about having a new style, she has a genuine interest in your needs and knows what will work so you look the belle of the ball! Steph has been creative with my hair for the last 3 years I have been having Great Lengths for some 14 years now and she is by far the best extensionist. Steph is fabulous at styling for updos too, she has a real flair. Steph keeps abreast of new products, cutting edge designs, making sure that products used are the best quality and where possible the most natural ingredients. I love getting my hair done (what woman doesn't) and with Steph it is always a really enjoyable experience."
  • Paula McArdle - Sept 2009
    "Steph is great & reliable hairdresser. She listens to what I say and need. She keeps me up to date with my hairstyle & skin products, in fact I look at least 10 years younger than I did years ten years ago! She’s always happy & cheerful, a joy to have as my hairdresser."
  • Sue Fromson - April 2010
    “Steph I am so happy with my extensions, the colour match is just incredible! In fact I met with a friend the other day, which I haven’t seen for a few months and she said she couldn’t believe how much my hair had grown, I just add to tell her that it was extensions, she was so impressed she asked for your number.”
  • Silvia Harty - May 2010
    "I just want to say thank you so much, you have made my course & unmanageable hair, soft, silky & beautiful, All from a blow-dry! I also love that you come to me, its just perfect and fits in great with my life."
  • Claire Bird - June 2010
    “Steph, Just a quick note to say thank you for helping out & making my bridesmaids hair look so nice on my wedding day. It was the best day of my life & I hope your wedding day is as wonderful as mine was! All my love Claire Bird”
  • Sarah Pereira – July 2011
    “I am so happy every time you do my hair! You always know what suits me best and you are always giving me great tips to get the styles I love at home myself.”
  • Emma Read - March 2013
    “Thanks so much Steph I absolutely love my hair, Best extensions ever!”
  • Lisa Rudge - July 2012
    “Hi Steph, Thank you much for doing my wedding hair, I loved it, and you were so friendly and approachable. In fact, my morning hair session with you was a very memorable moment of my wedding day, it was so lovely to have the peace and quiet.” Rachel Bridge - June 2012 “You really are the best hairdresser I have ever had! I have always been made to feel that my long thick hair was a problem whenever I went to the hairdressers but you have the magic touch and I always get such lovely comments every time you do my hair.”
  • Sasha Thompson - April 2013
    “Thank you so much for doing my hair yesterday, I love it!”
  • Nicki Waghorn - April 2013
    “Hi Steph, I just wanted to say thank you very much for cutting my hair its great and it only takes me 10 minutes to straighten!”
  • Sarah Barker
    “I am so happy every time you do my hair! You always know what suits me best and you are always giving me great tips to get the styles I love at home myself.”
  • Rachel Waite – December 2013
    “Thank you for doing such a fab job of my hair yesterday morning for my brother’s wedding, was so pleased with it. We had a great day”
  • Hayley Greenway – December 2013
    “I would be truly lost without the professional talent of Zxaar Creative Hair Design. Thank You!”
  • Erin Mc Ginlay-Reed – December 2013
    “Was feeling really down and thanks to the awesome talent of Zxaar Creative, I'm full of confidence and smiles! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”
  • Lisa-Marie Mosca – December 2013
    “Had a hair emergency and Zxaar Hair Design was fantastic, so professional and kind to my hair! I Recommend to everyone!”
  • Tracy-Ann Preen – Feb 2014
    “Fantastic service from Steph and so professional. Highly recommended!”

We love this beautiful boutique bridal shop in Caterham. If your getting married this is the place to go, with stunning dresses and accesories your sure to find the perfect style for you!

We have been very luck to work with Sally and her team. Helena Fortley is more than just a shop, its a bridal utopia.

Visit them at: www.helenafortley.co.uk

Earlier this year Zxaar had the pleasure of working with Ally from Stonelock Photography in a bridal shoot.

Every minute of the shoot was great, Ally has a keen eye and a great passion for beautiful shots.

Don't just take our word for it take a look at their website!

Visit them at: www.stonelockphotography.co.uk


Mika is a very talented and enthusiastic make-up artist, she does everything from photoshoots, tv and weddings.

Zxaar has had the great pleasure of working with Mika and we high recommend her for whatever the occasion is.

Visit them at: www.mikamakeup.co.uk