EcoTech Colour

Ecology and technology meet to fulfil your colour needs

Permanent oxidation hair colour cream ammonia free, paraphenylenediamine free (PPD). The perfect combination between ecology and technology. Lasting colour, perfect grey coverage, gentle action on the scalp. Deep respect for the hair fiber. Provides maximum brilliance and gives lasting colour over time. Nourishes hair until the next colour service. Highly selective ingredients. The result is a visible, radiant colour full of shine.

Snow White Blonding

Know matter what blonding technique you’re after I can create beautiful blonde tones with minimal to no damage. Snow White was especially designed to achieve maximum lift, with amazing results and zero compromise, while leaving your hair healthy and tremendously shiny. Whether it’s sun kissed balayage or natural highlights you’re after trust Zxaar Hair to help you get the perfect look. Book a consultation today.

Bold, Bright & Customisable

Just like you the ICON Playful Brights are bold colours that can be mixed to make a unique colour to fit your style. The Playful Brights are conditioning semi permanent colours that give an unprecedented shine to your hair. Whether it’s an all over canary yellow or rose pink high lights, Zxaar Hair can help you pick the best colour to make you really shine! Book a consultation today.

Shine So Clear, It's Like Glass

A true treatment colour that glosses hair and delivers true colour. It can be used to enhance blondes, or intensify rich brunettes in as little as 20 minutes, meaning you can add to your colour appointment without to must effort but with all the benefits. Book a consultation today.

Uncompromising Colour

Using the power of plants EcoTech colour creates multi tonal glossy, natural looking colour that looks like it’s truly yours, and even covers 100% grey. Book a consultation today.

Each product is hand crafted and designed to work to perfection. Fulfilling every guest needs.

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The Art and Science of Personalised Treatments

Instant gratification, Deep reconstruction.

As a Mixologist, you have the professional knowledge to determine what Key products are needed in the mix, in order to achieve optimum benefits for your client’s hair care needs.

Customisation for each and every client, followed with a personal experience of Touch Therapy


Clarifying Shampoo

Deep cleanse. Purify and fight away mineral deposits, hard water and chlorine. It’s all about clean. Apply to wet hair, lather and let sit for 5 minutes to achieve a profound clean.


Moisturising Treatment

This treatment offers a therapeutic remedy that penetrates deep into the hair to help reconstruct and rebuild, undoing damage done by chemicals and other environmental elements like sun and wind.


Protein Treatment

Professional only shield to protect weak and brittle hair, imparting the ultimate strength needed for fullness and shine. Protect and repair damaged hair with a strengthening protein blend.


Plex System

Ecoplex is a hair care system that revolutionized the world of color. Ecoplex is a complex fusion of natural ingredients and high technology that allows the penetration into the cortex of the hair, strengthening and multiplying the internal bonds.

Hydration Regimedy


Moisturise & Nourish

Heat, dryness and dehydration are obstacles that we all face during the Summer. To avoid dry, brittle and unruly hair, we need to keep our hair hydratedand ensure that it gets the proper care.


Hydrate: Maintaining optimum hydration is as essential for the body, as for the hair. It’s not only about adding moisture, but also adding essential nutrients to nourish and protect from the sun’s rays, heat and drying effects.

Hydration is the key to survival. Throughout the day, we drink a lot of water to maintain our proper levels, as we need to continuously replenish. The same is true for our hair. If not hydrated properly, you are left with dull, lifeless and brittle strands.

Our Hydration Regimedy drives moisture deep into the hair; to transform by adding flexibility, elasticity and shine.


Moisturising Shampoo

Saturate hair with moisture, manageability and shine. Lather in a rich, hydrating luxury for deep-penetrating performance.


Moisturising Conditioner

De-stress with this lightweight rinse-out conditioner that instantly allows hair to feel liberated, hydrated, free.


Moisturising Treatment

A super moisture mask that works from the inside out to restore, replenish and repair structure from the inner to outer layer.


Protein Treatment

Recover the inner strength of your hair thanks to this powerful protein packed treatment. Use this protective Shield for healthy and shiny hair.

Detox Regimedy


Healthy Hair Begins With a Healthy Scalp

You may be asked what is the difference between a cleanse and detox? Or, If I wash my hair why do I need to detox? Chemicals, toxins and pollutants have become a part of our daily lives. They not only affect our immune system and internal body, but also our hair, leaving it dull, lifeless, dry and unruly. Just as we detox internally, we need to detox externally.

Our Detox Regimedy allows this process to take effect. It has been shown that healthy hair cannot be maintained over long term without the regular incorporation of a detox.

Detox eliminates toxins by using a blend of organic oils that stimulate blood flow, thus promoting a healthy scalp and in turn, healthy hair growth.


Detox Treatment

An essential, pre-shampoo treatment to shift the overall state of the hair from scalp to ends to soothe and stimulate healthy hair growth and refresh the senses.


Detox Shampoo

A cleansing shampoo that is PH balanced to protect hair colour, while organic oils stimulate and refresh the scalp.


Detox Conditioner

Invigorating conditioner that moisturizes the scalp. Detoxifying oils cleanse, shea butter protects the cuticle while keeping the hair in a conditioned state.


Scalp Nourishing Tonic

Post Tonic keeps the scalp healthy, nourishes follicles and fights aging.

Anti-Oxidant Regimedy


Instant Vitality, Fight Free Radicals, Fortify Your Hair

Free radicals are found in the air we breathe and in the sun that we so worship to shine upon us.

So, how do we combat free radicals? How do we protect ourselves from the aging process?

Antioxidants have become part of our every day life. We eat and drink foods that are rich in ACE Vitamins, Acai, Nuts, Aloe and Fruit. We make sure that our skin care has all the added benefits of anti-agers and antioxidants.

We lather our bodies in moisturizers that protect and add vitality to our skin. So, the next logical step in protecting our appearance, is nourishing our hair with the same benefits that we use to nourish our bodies.


Anti-Oxidant Shampoo

Rich in lather to adhere to every strand and cleanses while protecting with a blend of vitamins A, C and E to begin the antioxidant regimen.


Hydrating Remedy

Instant gratification for your hair in a 60 second mask that fills the cuticular layer, leaving it lightweight and manageable. A treatment mask with cumulative benefits that can be used daily, enhancing elasticity while providing protection. Filled with a strong blend of antioxidants; Infusion is the remedy for healthy hair.


Anti-Oxidant Revitalising Cream

A hybrid styling cream that enhances body and puts vitality back into your hair, while fighting free radicals and protecting from pollutants. The blend of essential antioxidants such as Acai, Aloe and Sunflowerprotect, while amino acids strengthen and add flexibility to create shape in any style.

Anti-Frizz Regimedy


Fight The Frizz

Frizzy hair is a challenge that everyone faces at one time or another. Frizzy hair is dry, dull and has an erratic texture due to the cuticle being frayed open.

Our Anti-frizz Regimedy combats the Frizz with Biotin, a water-soluble vitamin that helps to lock in amino acids and proteins. It is known as the B vitamin for hair that adds strength to each strand, while providing nourishment and structure. Keraveg 18, a blend of different vegetable-based ingredients that improve combability, reduces damage, eliminates Frizz, while smoothing and moisturizing the cuticular layer.

You will be left with beautiful, shiny hair, that is light as silk.

Anti-Frizz Shampoo

D-Frizz Shampoo

Anti-Frizz Shampoo will bring moisture back to your hair; it begins the ritual that fights the frizz. Anti Frizz Shampoo – The complex of B Vitamins strengthens and smooths, while fortifying each strand. Lather into wet hair and rise completely.

Anti-Frizz Conditioner

D-Frizz Conditioner

Soak your hair in this essential Anti-Frizz Conditioning moisturiser that delivers vital nutrients to eliminate erratic texture and de-bulk, while helping to stop split ends. Your hair will feel and look silky and shiny. Anti-Frizz Conditioner eliminates unruly textures.

Anti-Frizz Smooth

D-Frizz Balm

Complete with Smooth to lock in moisture, protein and strength, adding luster to your hair all day long, while taming and fighting Frizz and Flyaway strands.

Cure Regimedy


Love Your Texture, Cure Your Hair

Restructure and reform your texture. A line made from the heart.

All hair has texture. Some is fine, some is curly; some is wavy, some is straight. Hair can be erratic. It can be thick and unruly or heavy and controlled. It can be texture you love or texture you’d like to tame.

Regardless of your texture, Cure will help you meet the challenge, influencing the texture you have, reimagining it to be the texture you want. It doesn’t change texture permanently, but it can alter it temporarily, allowing you to be you, with hair you love.

Cure Shampoo

Recovery Shampoo

To encourage healthier hair growth. Using vitamins and minerals to nourish, smooth and keep a PH balance; colour-safe. Lather into wet-hair. Rinse thoroughly.

Cure Conditioner

Revitalise Conditioner

Reimagine the way a conditioner is used with Reverse Shampoo. Revitalizing conditioner filled with vitamins and minerals to nourish, smooth and keep a ph balance; colour-safe. Apply before or after shampoo and style as desired.

Cure Spray

Replenishing Spray

Spray into towel-dried hair to condition, soothe, hydrate and cure damaged hair. Leave-in; style.

Cure Serum

Double Body Serum

To influence fine hair textures. An exclusive peptide complex penetrates hair to increase fullness. Embrace the root, expand volume. Strengthen, cure your texture.

India Regimedy


Essence of Healing, Essence of Being

A line of luxury. Based on the healing practices of Ayurveda and essential oils.

I.C.O.N. coined the phrase Hair-Yurvedics. Nurturing the hair with the benefits of oils, India will enhance your senses of being. Moringa is a miracle oil, known for its fatty acids to bring back hair’s vitality. Argan, also referred to as liquid gold, nourishes and moisturizes the hair, allowing ease of combing, while combating hair frizz. The beautiful scent of Amber embraces us, soothing our senses and increasing our energy.

India Shampoo

hair-yurvedic Shampoo

Infuse each strand with glossy strength with this exceptionally rich lather. An exotic blend of Moringa and Argan oils nourishes and heals.

India Conditioner

hair-yurvedic Conditioner

Transform hair’s inner health and outer luster with this exotic strengthening treatment. Moringa and Argan oils combine to bring intense power to drab locks.

India Dry

Dry Oil

Experience the ultimate of this revolutionary blend of oils and UV inhibitors that will soothe and envelope each strand of hair, leaving it weightless.

India Oil


Strengthen, detangle, add smooth brilliance with this gem. Like liquid gold, it always leaves hair more manageable with amazing shine.

India Healing

Leave In Remedy

Transform all hair with a leave-in remedy to fortify each strand. Aloe Leaf soothes as Quinoa penetrates to reverse damage, bind moisture.


Rich Detangling Masque

A rich detangling-conditioning masque. Change hair’s inner core with pure gold micro-bursts and microscopic mixers.

Curl Cream

Wave Curl Enhancer

An enhancer to define curls and reposition waves for an exotically rich attitude. Changes texture to enrich, repair, form and define. Infuses hair with strengthening texture and condition.

Liquid Fashion

Liquid Fashion

Identity Defines Style

Liquid fashion with Influential Styles.

Our liquid tools are designed for runway hair fashion as well as lifestyle looks. Utilising the liquid technology inside our formulas, each product can be cocktailed or used alone to create dimension while enhancing the desired styled.


Moisturising Styling Cream


Body Building Gel

Mane Control

Hard Gel








Anti-Age Therapy


Dry Shampoo / Texturiser



Beachy Spray

Flexible Texturiser

OG Foam

Styling Mouse


Quick Lock Spray


Brilliant Spray


Finishing Spray

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