Why Is Gold Fever Hair So Amazing?

Making sure you have hair that is natural, luxurious, ethically sourced and bespoke to you, is extremely important to Gold Fever. This passion for perfection is why Zxaar Hair loves Gold Fever Hair so much!
Worn by women like yourself all around the world, Gold Fever promises to offer hair to make you look and feel fabulous. Whatever your needs may be for hair extensions, being damage free and completely blended to your hair is key.

100% Indian Temple Hair

Gold Fever Hair is sourced from Indian temples that’s given willingly in a religious ritual, and paid for fairly. This is Gold Fevers promise of ethical hair.

100% human hair means it can be treated and styled just like your own.

Double Drawn

Most women seeking hair extensions at Zxaar are looking for thicker hair, so why would you want thin extensions? Gold Fever’s hair is thick from root to tip, and double the amount of stands per bond than any other brand. Many other brands do what is called ‘tapered’ hair, which means the hair is thinner at the bottom, resulting in fine wispy ends.


Remis or Remy hair is a very miss used term in hair extensions. Remy hair means that the hair is ALL facing the correct way. So if you imagine hair cuticle’s all laying flat over each other, and them not facing the right way when you brush it, you will be backcombing some of it. NOT GOOD! Remy hair should not be a selling point, it should be standard, and with Gold Fever it is.

Raw Hair

Hair extensions that are natural & look just like your own hair, is one of the most important things to me as an extensions expert. Gold Fever is also passionate about raw natural hair, so they promise that their hair goes through a minimal chemical process. Using a colouring process called osmosis coupled with eco-friendly & organic products, gives you hair like no other on the market.

Pre Bonded Protein Bonds

What is pre-bonded? Well it’s a type of hair extension method that is pre-attached to hair, and is applied to your own hair using either heat or ultrasonic sound. Pre-bonded used to just be glue and of course this was very damaging for your natural hair. But thanks to Gold Fever’s cutting edge technology, they have developed a bond that is made from protein and other natural materials that mimic human hair. This makes Gold Fever extensions kind to your hair and scalp, with no damage!


Gold Fever also offers the same quality hair in hand tied wefts that can be used with the LA Weave method. This uses small copper bands attached to your hair, and then the weft is sewn to the bands. Because of the method and quality of the hair, it can be reused for up to a year.

Bespoke To You

You are unique and so is your hair. Which is why I needed a brand of hair extensions that could be completely bespoke and customised to you. Whether its different colour bonds, ombre, root stretch or a selection of lengths, Gold Fever has a style to suit you and your needs.


Aftercare is just as important as what hair extensions you have. I hear time and time again about clients that have been to other salons, and either didn’t receive aftercare or it was an additional cost. This really gets to me! And so I make sure that not only do you get products that suit your hair, but it’s also included into your quote. Up front and honest!

Book a consultation 

If you are considering hair extensions it is important to have a consultation and meet me. I can answer any questions you have, and because it is such a bespoke service, I can assess your hair and give you an exact price.

Length Guide

With Gold Fever you have the possibility of adding volume, colour or length to your hair, personalising your look with a natural, elegant and unique effect. Gold Fever extensions are available in different lengths, from 20 to 80 centimetres (8″ – 26″), in a vast range of shades and colours to create exactly the style you desire. Thickening your hair, lengthening your hair, changing your hairstyle will be glamorous and easy with Gold Fever. The state-of-the-art application method also guarantees maximum hold, as well as an invisible and natural effect.

Available Colours: 

Gold Fever offers a variety of colours to match and blend with your natural hair. Multiple colours can be used, making the possibilities endless to help create a perfectly beautiful look.



Dark Chocolate


Hot Chocolate

Hazel Nut




Legally Blonde

Beach Blonde

Honey Glaze


Icing Sugar


Ginger Snap


Red Wine

Cherry Gloss



Creamy Gold

Smokey Ash

Brown Rum

Peppered Brown


Iced Mocha



Gold Fever Pre-bonded Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Please note that these prices are a guide for the double drawn standard colours and because of the bespoke nature of the extensions, I recommend having a consultation. This way we can discuss your needs and make a plan for your dream hair. All prices are all inclusive, which means you get the full luxury service of my knowledge, advise, expert skills and aftercare with no hidden costs!

Gold Fever offer bespoke colour blending and ombre shades at an additional cost, for more information please email.

25 Bonds

(Thickened Sides)

8″ – £270

10″ – £280

12″ – £290

14″ – £295

16″ – £300

18″ – £310

20″ – £320

50 / 75 Bonds

(Thickening / Half Head)

8″ – £375 / £485

10″ – £395 / £510

12″ – £415 / £540

14″ – £420 / £560

16″ – £430 / £570

18″ – £455 / £600

20″ – £465 / £745

100 / 125 Bonds

(Half to Full Head)

8″ – £590 / £700

10″ – £625 / £745

12″ – £665 / £790

14″ – £680 / £810

16″ – £700 / £815

18″ – £725 / £850

20″ – £835 / £975

150 Bonds +

(Full Head For Thick Hair)

8″ – £815+

10″ – £860+

12″ – £890+

14″ – £920+

16″ – £954+

18″ – £990+

20″ – £1050+

Gold Fever Pre-bonded Natural Drawn Hair Extensions

Gold Fever Pre-bonded Natural Drawn Hair – This hair gives a natural taper in the last 2” of the length, making it easier to blend – especially for fine hair and therefore a more natural look.

25 Bonds

(Thickened Sides)

10″ – £250

14″ – £260

18″ – £270

22″ – £285

50 / 75 Bonds

(Thickening / Half Head)

10″ – £355 / £465

14″ – £375 / £490

18″ – £395 / £520

22″ – £425 / £565

100 / 125 Bonds

(Half to Full Head)

10″ – £570 / £680

14″ – £605 / £725

18″ – £645 / £770

22″ – £705 / £845

150 Bonds +

(Full Head For Thick Hair)

10″ – £785+

14″ – £840+

18″ – £895+

22″ – £960+

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