What is toner and why do you need it?

Toner for some time received a bad rap with most people believing it was for hairdressers to correct orange/yellow highlights which sometimes it was, but in truth its mostly because of its name and lack of description. Of course, every hairdresser on the planet knows what one is but you the trusted guest doesn’t… Mostly likely because you haven’t had a proper explanation. Let’s change that…

What is a toner then?

Well toner quite simply is a semi or demi colour that adds a creative customisation to finishing your colour and quite literally toning your hair to the colour you want. Yes, it can help with unwanted tones/colours, but it really is so much more, what about adding a beautiful subtle rose gold to your highlights or give a bright warm honey to your balayage.

Toning isn’t just adding ash to blonde highlights either, you can tone brunettes, reds, golds, natural hair…well you get the idea.

Why do I need it?

Like I explained before one of the reasons is to finish your colour off giving it the edge it needed to make you go from meh to WOW. And the other reason is also to quite literally finish the colour… Let me explain;

When your hair is bleached it opens the cuticle and removes the colour pigments in your hair – the cuticle which is the top layer of your hair is what makes your hair look shiny or not depending on what is happening to them. The aim is to make them closed for healthy shiny looking hair, but like I said bleaching does the opposite of this. So, how do you get the gloss? Cue the wonderful toner! A true toner closes down the cuticle and deposits your desired colour pigments giving you Insta worthy tones, gloss and shine making it the most important part of the colouring process.

Now you’ve got your toner what next?

Its’ important that you understand that toners are not permanent colour that will fade and really, it’s hard to say how long they will last. There are somethings you can do to help get the best from your toner.

  1. Using the right products; sulfate free shampoo is best and if you can get a conditioning mask with colour in that really helps too. I give these as a bespoke add on to my colour services.
  2. DO NOT use really hot water; if you’re like me and you like to look like a lobster after the bath or shower then your colour isn’t going to last! Try having your hot bath or shower with your hair up, then turning it right down for washing your hair.
  3. How many washes; washing your hair every day will not help, if you can use dry shampoo and lessen the amount you wash your hair that will really help.

So next time you’re having your colour done make sure you ask your colour expert about the right toner for you!

Peace, love and beautiful hair

Steph x

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