A common problem I come across time again in the salon is thinning hair. Often I am asked how to combat this growing problem. And this can be hard without knowing what the cause is.



Different types of medication can affect your hair, skin and nails. Unfortunately this is a difficult one to tackle, but speaking with your doctor might be worth while.


Hormones can be a problematic factor at any age. A lot of the lovely ladies I talk to, find their hair thins after having a baby. Very common and normally goes back to normal after 2 years.

Vitamin Deficiency

This seems to be a very common problem. For whatever reason, diet, lifestyle etc, but more often now women have some form of vitamin deficiency, and believe it or not vitamins have a big part to play in good healthy hair.

Bad Products

In the year of 2019, technology is so advanced that we are more aware of the ingredients that we have been using in products for years. We now know and understand that things like silicons can cause serious damage.

So what can I do about it?

Fear not! I speak to so many fabulous women that feel there is nothing they can do, that they are stuck with hair that makes them feel awful. BUT there is!!

Firstly, if you believe there could be a medical or vitamin problem, speak with your doctor. Get some blood tests. Also if you’ve had a baby it can take up to 3 years to recover, make sure you start taking a postnatal vitamin, or a good multi vitamin.

Secondly, investing in good quality products that are suitable for your hair type and problems. If you are unsure then have a chat with your hairdresser.

Thirdly, hair extensions. BUT tread carefully with this as hair extensions can cause more harm. You need to do lost of research, the right method, the right specialist that is fully qualified & experienced. And following a good aftercare program. I have helped so many ladies through difficult hair problems, with hair extensions with fabulous results.

When does it go beyond the normal problems?

In some cases it’s more than the normal problems that can be fixed, it can be more serious and so you need to seek a professional. Things like alopecia can be hard to diagnose and can be every distressing, but you can do something about it.

Trichologist are hair doctors that have a wealth of knowledge in hair & scalp and can help with medicines and cutting edge technology. And in some cases you can see specialist hair integration hairdressers, these systems are like wigs but more permanent.

For more information on the hair loss systems, take a look at the dream girlz website below. These ladies are the best in the business, with a long client list and years of experience.


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