Whether you’re away to warmer climates or doing a staycation, you need to keep your locks looking and feeling fabulous. If you’re a hair extension wearer, you need to take extra care, but don’t worry I’ve got the perfect tips to make life easier. Because caring for your hair extensions on holiday doesn’t need to be hard. So make sure you save this for later!

Sun, Sea, Sand and Chlorine…..

4 things that can play havoc with your hair extensions, especially the bond!

Sweat can increase the ph value of your hair from neutral to alkaline, not good for the bond or hair – to help with this you should use my favourite Great Lengths product, Anti- Tap Water. This can go on as a pre-treatment when your out, then use when you wash your hair. Toal life saver this product, so pop it in ya bag!

Tie your hair back whenever your doing activities like pool and sea, go for a stylish fishtail braid and minimise knots when your hair gets wet. Want some inspo? Check out my pinterest board here.

Brush, brush, oh and brush. If you’re an extensions client of mine, you know that this is my biggest rule and holiday is no exception. Want fabulous hair that’s knot free? BRUSH IT! With the right brush of course, and I can hook you up with the best brush, which is also available in travel size for ya bleach bag. You’re welcome

Chlorine and minerals in water can be the cause of discolouration of hair extensions, yuck! Don’t let this happen to you by using Anti-Tap Water or Malibu C hard water treatment. Let’s not have a Love Island moment ay!

Sun Protection And After Sun!

Oh yes that’s right you can get it for your hair too! All of my ICON products contain sun protection, but one of my fav’s is Beachy Spray. This stuff contains real sea salt so you can get the look, without getting your bonds wet!! Also packed with vitamins like vitamin A, which helps with sun damage and vitamin E for healthy hair. This product will leave you with mermaid hair that everyone wants! £18www.zxaar.co.uk

“Did you know that suncream can discolour blonde hair and can be damaging to your bonds?”

Aftersun is very important and I’ve got the best cocktail, before you hit the bars for the real cocktails! So start with ICON’s Energy shampoo, this helps to super clean your scalp and hair. Taking off all the sea, pool and that discolouring sun lotion. Then use ICON’s infusion mask, you only need 60 seconds for this awesome product to work its magic. Towel dry and apply Anti-Tap Water and don’t wash it off, this will bring the bonds and hair back to it’s natural ph. So super shiny hair! Whoop! Then to finish it off with ICON’s Antidote, a total vitamin boost for your locks. For Blondes you can add a Malibu C blonde fresh treatment to the cocktail, to really help keep your colour perfect.

Once you’ve sunbathed all day and partied the night away, you can keep ya lush locks healthy by wearing a Silke London turban. This is a bloody must! And don’t just take my word for it, a lot of my clients wear it and swear by it. £50 from www.silkelondon.com

So in summery my top tips for caring your hair extensions on holiday are:

  • Tie your hair up to avoid getting wet or any suncream on
  • Wear a hat whenever you can
  • Invest in good quality products that are suited to your hair
  • Get a Silk London bed hat!
  • Don’t let the bonds get too hot or put oil on them


Enjoy your holiday and tag me #zxaarholidayhair in your holiday selfies!

Steph x

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